Our Methodology

Language Institute Chiang Mai University offers the highest quality tuition from the most experienced instructors in Chiang Mai. From the first day of our course, students start to speak Thai. Whatever their ability, they are encouraged to use Thai as much and as often as possible. This even includes during coffee break times when it is common to hear students talking to each other not in their native language but in Thai. Indeed, with students coming from such a diverse range of countries, Thai becomes the common language of conversation at school.

In the classroom we use materials and lessons that not only increase students vocabulary and knowledge of Thai modes of speech, but also incorporate interesting and valuable insights into Thai culture, traditions and customs.

As students progress through the course, homework assignments take on increasing importance. These too are designed to both reinforce the classroom lessons and to provide opportunities for the student to gain confidence in expressing themselves through the medium of Thai.

In our Communicative courses, we will romanization of Thai to help students grasp the fundamental basics of Thai. As this is a short course, students will develop their speaking and listening skills rapidly through drilling, in class exercises, role plays and group exercises. Group dynamics plays an important part of the learning process, for this reason we ensure that everyone who starts the course together finishes the course together; our teaching method encourages peer teaching, for students to practice and interact with one another.

We will use a number of different resources to assist with learning, whether it is use of the television or radio to help students improve their listening skills, or even newspapers and magazine to assist them with their reading and writing skills, we are confident that by the end of the course you will have benefited greatly by coming to study with the Language Institute Chiang Mai University.

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