Lecture Series

Session 1 of 48 – “The Haze Challenge” – Introduction to challenges facing Thailand and South East Asian countries by Associate Professor Somporn Chantara, Ph.D, Faculty of Science, CMU.

The Chiang Mai University Lecture Series exclusively at the Language Institute offers wide and diverse cross-disciplinary topics from notable guest speakers across various faculties and departments at Chiang Mai University. In addition, local community innovators, entrepreneurs and influencers share their talent, experiences and perspectives for the enjoyment of program participants of the Lecture Series.

The Lecture Series meets once a week for 2-hour per session for the period of up to 1-year. Sessions will take place at the Language Institute Chiang Mai University Multipurpose Auditorium. Complimentary coffee and other refreshments are available on-site for all program participants.

There are various Lecture Series packages to choose from 3,6,9 or 12 months depending on your commitment to the Series. For program participants there is also the opportunity to obtain a Non-Immigrant Education visa through the Language Institute Chiang Mai University.

We invite prospective applicants for the Chiang Mai University Lecture Series to come, listen and experience our speakers’ knowledge, energy, passion and commitment to a variety of causes, challenges and their professions.

We offer the following packages for the Lecture Series with Education visa (all fees below inclusive of a non-refundable registration fee):

3-month (12-lectures) | 15,000 Thai baht

6-month (23-lectures) | 21,500 Thai baht

9-month (35-lectures) | 28,000 Thai baht

12-month (46-lectures) | 33,000 Thai baht

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