Non Immigrant ED Terms

Students enrolling into the 1-year Thai Language and Cultural Studies course are expected to agree to the following terms and conditions as stated hereunder.

PART A: General

1. Laws of the Kingdom of Thailand, student regulations of Chiang Mai University as well as terms and conditions of the Language Institute Chiang Mai University (LICMU) apply.

2. To those students requesting this, LICMU shall provide supporting letters to apply for a Non-Immigrant Education ('ED') visa, a service extended for the duration of the course, and extended once they have been officially accepted into the program. However, the following conditions apply:

a. Student must attend classes, participate actively and complete assigned homework tasks. 

b. At the end of each month class attendance must not be less than 80%. If the tolerance of 15 minutes for late arrival is exceeded, the student involved will be marked absence. 

c. Students are expected to behave and dress appropriately.

d. LICMU reserves the right to withhold visa support assistance for students who do not meet all the aforementioned conditions. 

e: Students accept an initial 3-month Non-Immigrant ED visa support letter from LICMU, followed by a total of 3 additional visa support letters for a period of 9 months. 

f: Inability to attend class must be notifed to the lecturer or LICMU Administrative Officer, at least 2 days in advance. Absence from class for two consecutive days without prior notice may have an adverse affect on the visa application support service. 

g. Students obtaining a visa with LICMU's support have to contact an LICMU Administrative Officer in Room 120 at least one month prior to the visa expiry date as shown in their passport. The LICMU Administrative Officer will arrange for the document required within 7 working days and provide it to the student as support for a visa extension by the Immigration Office.

3. In compliance with Thai law, holders of the Non-Immigrant ED visas are not allowed to work in Thailand. Should it be found, however, that a student,holding a Non-Immigrant ED visa obtained with the support of LICMU, is working in Thailand. LICMU shall have to take steps to terminate his/her visa with immediate effect, LICMU is unable to accept any responsibility for problems and/or expenses arising from such visa termination. Neither will LICMU be able to consider in such case any further requests to peovide support for visa apllication. (NB: Thai law requires all foreigners intending to work and/or perform voluntary activities (i.e. with or without pay) are to apply for the Non Immigrant B (Business) Visa, and must obtain a work permit from the Department of Labour. 

4. Students holding a Non-Immigrant ED Visa and who have entered Thailand, must report their address of residence to a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.within 48 hours of their arrival 

5. In the event that any student of the Thai Language Program commits any illegal act in Thai territory, LICMU reserves the right to terminate his/her visa with immediate effect, and shall not accept any responsibility for any subsequent problems.

PART B: Program Structure

1. The duration of the program is 216 hours. 

2. Classes meet 6 hours per week either on weekday evenings or weekends. Should there be any (un)foreseen class cancellations (e.g. official holidays, natural disaster, political unrest, etc.), LICMU will arrange for make-up classes as soon as possible in order enable students to graduate within the scheduled time. 

3. LICMU reserves the right to:

a. Change the Thai language instructor/lecturer without prior notice;

b. Change/alter the curriculum/syllabus;

c. Change/alter the timetable/schedule;

PART C: Certification

1. Students will be awarded a certificate upon graduation of the program, signed by the Director of the Language Institute Chiang Mai University, on the last day of the course, provided he/she can meets two out of following three criteria:

a. A class attendance of at least 80%

b. The passing of all in-class tests and examinations

c. The instructor's concurrence that the student deserves the graduate.

PART D: Tuition Fee

1. The full tuition fees is 35,000 Thai baht must be paid before the first day of class.

2. This fee will includes all training materials

3. For those seeking visa assistance, the program deposit of 17,500 Thai baht must be paid beforehand. 

PART E: Refund

1.Language Institute Chiang Mai University has a strict no refund policy once full payment has be made. In the event a course cannot be opened due to insufficient student enrolments, a refund can be processed. If a student has obtained visa assistance through LICMU and a course cannot be opened due to insufficient enrolment, a partial refund can be offered less adminstrative fees as outlined below. 

2. LICMU reserves all rights not to refund anyone enrolled in the Certificate in Thai and/or the Thai Language and Cultural Program.

3. In the event that a student is denied a visa at an embassy or consulate prior to the start of the course, LICMU shall refund the fees paid after deduction of 7,500.- Thai baht for administrative costs.

4. If a student starts and withdraws from the course, there will be no issuance of a refund.  

5. If a student is registered to start a course, and does not commence the program and fails to inform a member of International Office before the start of the course, a partial refund can be issued (less time elasped in class). However, this will be dealt on a case by case basis by the Director of the Language Institute Chiang Mai University. 

6. All partial refunds are made at the discretion of the Director of the Language Institute Chiang Mai University. The Director's decision is final. 

PART F: Other

1. Any other issues not covered in these terms and conditions will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. However, final approval rests with the Executive Administrators of Language Institute Chiang Mai University.